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After entering the cyber game, kill the boss and successfully ascend to the top

translating…The holographic game “Crimson Earth” with cyberpunk + grammatical elements will be released soon. Kui Xin got lucky and was chosen to be an internal beta player of Crimson Earth. However, things went wild all the way in a weird direction, and she realized that she wasn’t playing any holographic game, but had traveled to a parallel world that actually existed. People struggle to survive in a forest of steel and iron, and those in power raise their glasses under the colors of neon lights. Consortiums hold the economic lifelines, and super AIs monitor everyone’s every move. Transcendents, mechanical transformers, secret orders, and aberrations take the stage of the times …… Kui Xin just logged into the game and felt as if something big was about to happen to him. Q: What should you do when you realize that your in-game identity is a federal Level 1 Most Wanted and that you’re also working undercover in the official narcotics department? A: The most dangerous place is the safest place, act out I tracked myself down and then look for an opportunity to die and disappear. …… Name: Kui Xin Identity: Undercover agent sent by a rebel organization to the Federal Investigation Department. Mission: Stay alive and work hard to upgrade. After reading the mission, Kui Xin thought no. The undercover agent is a career with no future, and just staying alive and working hard to upgrade is not enjoyable at all, she wants to make a big deal out of it. For example, taking out the BOSS and replacing her in the throne or something, it felt very addictive.

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