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After I Was Reborn, I Was Caught by an Actor

For half of his life, Qin Qing has been fighting in the entertainment circle. He gained fame and fortune but his body also collapsed. He was reborn and returned to the age of 18. He just wants to stay away from scumbags, earn some money, read books, enter university, and be a healthy and happy ordinary person. Who would have thought that not even two months of being an ordinary person he was caught by a film emperor. …… Qin Qing: Carefully work. Work hard to earn money. Film Emperor: Do what work. Give you a newly acquired company. Qin Qing: …… Qin Qing: Scheming? deceiving people? once again? Film Emperor: My person, who dares move you? Qin Qing: ??? Qin Qing: Save money to buy a house. Film Emperor: Would you like a duplex with a 500 ft rooftop garden? Or river view villa? Qin Qing: …… Qin Qing: Carefully study. take the college entrance exam. Film Emperor: in those days, In the whole city, i was ranked in the top 100 in the college entrance exam. what question is hard, I will teach you. Qin Qing: I’m only eighteen! Film emperor: I know. the problem of age difference, I will overcome it myself. Qin Qing: …… —- Su Zhihe was very pleased with his new small assistant, he looked pleasing to the eye and was good everywhere. Since he liked it a lot, Su Zhihe decided to let his iron tree bloom*. Eighteen years was not considered young , the age difference of a few years was just right. Not human? He can be a dog to chase his boyfriend.

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