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The heroine is sick of it.

On the recommendation of her best friend, player 6237486 purchased a female-oriented game called Goddess Record. However, she did not expect that she would wear into this game and become the female lead Lilith. After successfully raiding the male lead, Lilith did not return to reality. In order to leave the game, Lilith had to cheat all the routes, for which she repeated the game round by round, cheating all the male main characters, reaching all the good endings and countless bad endings. Finally she reached the last round, where she could choose her final fate. But she was getting bored. Tired of raiding the male leads, tired of being protected, tired of catering to them. So she smashed the options. The god of the game questioned her- [I gave you the chance to gain glory and love, you could have the best ending in this life, but you shattered the option?] [Why are you angry? This world is a swamp, you can close your eyes and sink in happiness or open them and struggle in pain. Lilith chose the latter. I can hide my sharpness for a while, or I can hide my anger for a while. But all of it is piling up in my heart. The choice is meaningless if one cannot see the truth and the pain. Even if I’m covered in mud, even if I’m bruised. I will stand up! “My name is Lilith!” In the Colosseum, Lilith raised the sword in her hand, “Remember my name, Lilith!” Those that have killed me will surely make me stronger. This round, I will survive! Change everything.

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