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To Your Island

【When we were in the heat of love you wanted to gift me an island, when we broke up, you made me pass out in anger. When you’re in a predicament you folded a paper crane for me: come to my island. Come to your —— is there really such an island?】 One night, my bed broke through the window and flew out, bringing me to this strange island. On the island, I reunited with my ex-boyfriend went missing for many years. He turned into a rabbit. A white, soft, plump rabbit, (who) spoke with the low timbre of an adult male, “Save me.” His little head turned, I suspect that he is cursed by someone, and needs a true love kiss to turn him back. But, I’m unexpectedly his true love? When breaking up, he even called me a pig. I smirked, laughing gleefully, “Ha ha, saving this person, no I’ll never save him! Trash, you also have that day when you fall into my hands!!

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