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Wifey Fans Of The Best Actor

translating…As the wifey fans of popular idol Huo Xi. The person that Qiaoyu hates the most is Sheng Qiao, the actress who is tied to Huo Xi to stir up rumors. In addition to chasing events with her camera, she’s always dissing this white lotus flower. Unexpectedly, she hit her head once and woke up as Sheng Qiao. During the filming of her first romantic drama with Huo Xi, the first scene was NG twenty-seven times Huo Xi: Sheng Qiao, can you do it or not? If you can’t, replace it! Qiao: Don’t be angry, I can do it! Huo Xi: What? Media: “Sheng Qiao shouted out a nickname, Huo Xi’s hidden marriage is exposed”. Huo Xi fans: cnm Sheng Qiao you this lotus bitch quickly come out to apologize and clarify! The next day, Sheng Qiao microblogging explanation: that …… wife powder you understand? The Jedi counterattack, turn the tide against the wind, a strong salvation! [The heroine from the whole network black ridicule to the whole network pursuit, by the way and love beans to talk about a relationship]

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